A day in the life of a patient coordinator

A day in the life of a patient coordinator


I am Sasha, a patient coordinator at GAIA FERTILITY.

I have the most fascinating job, or rather a mission, I wake up to, every single day.

Every day in my life varies & can be totally different.

My general day would start off with replying all my calls, texts, WhatsApp’s and emails to my intended parents, waiting eagerly for any glimmer of hope of positive news. some just wanting to chat or cry, others wanting to share their joy, I call this my counselling hour, keeping in mind I would have already been in contact with them the night before, again calming them down or being a friendly kind ear at the end of the line. This part of my job is continuous, I am the only connection they have to their final try at a family. Some of them have been trying for years of endless sadness and disappointments, being poked and prodded with endless negative results. With great optimism, I hold their dreams & hopes awaiting their longed-for baby.

I myself can relate to this anguish having gone through infertility. It is an awful hopeless journey at times, the highs are high, but the lows can be soul destroying, this is the reason that it is so vital to have a coordinator with whom you feel a connection to, someone who you trust, can confide in and believe they are doing all they can for you throughout your journey. I can truly understand, since I have been there. As I see it, the role of a witness to processes, simply being with intended parents through better or worse, this is my true mission.

When I have intended parents arriving, I plan to spend at least the day together. We would have a consultation and prepare for tests and samples to be left, we tour the clinic, meet the staff and give them a general feel of how we work. On days of egg collections, inseminations, scans, transfers and deliveries I am there, in the theatre, holding hands, taking pictures, feeling every emotion with you, or for you when you are not able to be there.

Finally, when night time arrives, I write my reports, and update all the couples I work with, and then take calls which I may have missed, answering any questions from medication protocols, to my new parents asking how to get a baby to sleep.

My job is endless… but so fulfilling! I have a special connection to each of my parents and even though no 2 days are ever the same, I would never choose differently, I know when I go to sleep at night I am doing good in the world, bringing joy to people and helping those who thought all hope was lost.

This is the day in the life of a patient coordinator!!

About Sasha:

With her expertise and hands on approach, you will be guaranteed a safe and pleasant journey through the whole process.
From the initial application, through scheduling appointments and accompaniment to the clinics, Sasha She will gladly guide your every step.

Want to chat with Sasha?
Email to: sasha@gaiafertility.com


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